Magento Redirection loop problem after installing SSL

On one of the Magento based project, I am working on I was facing lot many issues after having SSL on Godaddy hosting. Godaddy hosting is always having issues.

The biggest problem was, one page checkout page was getting infinite redirection loops. So it was not opening anyhow.

The solution was in Magento Admin only:

System -> Configuration -> Web.
Disable everything under the ‘Session Validation Settings’ box.


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  • Pilchie

    Congratulations, this brilliant idea will have just by the way

  • Rob

    Hi Jignesh,

    could you please elaborate on your fix pls?

    i’m having huge problems with this. i have the SSL installed and the unsecure and secure URLs setup correctly (i think!), but as soon as i turn ‘Use Secure URLs in Frontend’ to Yes, i get a server error when i go to checkout or one of the secure pages.

    homepage works fine with https:// at start of url

    confused! any help would be gratefully received

    thanks Rob

  • Anonymous

    Hello Rob

    Sorry, but I also dont have any idea as I did not face such issues in the past. Hope you will get the solution soon.

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