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Magento – Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in …

Have you ever encountered the following kind of error while installing Magento 1.4 ? Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in… To fix it, open your php.ini and replace the value for ‘max_execution_time’ and ‘max_input_time’ as per below. max_execution_time = 3600 max_input_time = 3600


Magento Redirection loop problem after installing SSL

On one of the Magento based project, I am working on I was facing lot many issues after having SSL on Godaddy hosting. Godaddy hosting is always having issues. The biggest problem was, one page checkout page was getting infinite redirection loops. So it was not opening anyhow. The solution was in Magento Admin only: System -> Configuration -> Web. Disable everything under the ‘Session Validation Settings’ box.


Magento: Clear the cache with PHP script.

It always take time to get rid of the Magento cache. However cache is needed to execute the request faster. One way of clearing the cache is delete all the directories inside the /var/cache directory. Doing that manually it will take some time if you are connected to the FTP server. The easiest way of clearing the cache in Magento is here. <?php ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 3600); ini_set(“memory_limit”,”256M”); $script = “rm -rf var/cache/*”; $results = system($script,$retval); echo [...]


Search in Files using PHP Script with unix commands

Search in large number files is painful & slow for the Magento based projects. If you are using your editor’s built-in search feature, then also it may take lots of time to search within all directories. In case of you are editing the files on the live server, its very awful to search in even small no. of files for code. However, there is a solution, if your Magento store is hosted on Linux server. [...]