Add to Cart with custom attributes & values

I want to display the custom price on the Shopping Cart page. By default if you add to cart the product it will take the price & will show that price on the cart page. The data on the cart page is coming from the table ‘sales_flat_quote_item’. This table is having lot many fields. Some of them are product_id, name, description, qty, price. Those are the fields which basically reflects on the cart page. My [...]


Magento Redirection loop problem after installing SSL

On one of the Magento based project, I am working on I was facing lot many issues after having SSL on Godaddy hosting. Godaddy hosting is always having issues. The biggest problem was, one page checkout page was getting infinite redirection loops. So it was not opening anyhow. The solution was in Magento Admin only: System -> Configuration -> Web. Disable everything under the ‘Session Validation Settings’ box.